List of Most Touchdowns in NFL History | Top 10 Players of NFL


These ten players have scored the list of most touchdowns in NFL history. Every one of these players had or has a great career, and all belong in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Scoring is how you win in the National Football League, and these players were the best scorers in football.

1. Jerry Rice – 208 TD’s

Jerry Rice has scored the most touchdowns in NFL history with 208, and he was just inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Rice caught 197 TD’s, ran for another ten, and also recovered one fumble for a touchdown in his exceptionally long career.

2. Emmett Smith – 175 

Longtime Dallas Cowboy great Emmett Smith ranks 2nd on the list with 175 career TDs. Smith ran for 164 and caught 10 TD passes in his career.

3. LaDainian Tomlinson – 153 

Longtime San Diego Charger and now New York Jet LaDainian Tomlinson ranks 3rd on the list. Unless LT can find some more gas in his tank, he will never catch Emmett Smith. Surprisingly LT has only caught 15 TD’s in his career, and the rest were rushing, but he has only played in 141 games, so he’s averaging better than a TD per game.

4. Randy Moss – 149 

New England Patriot wide receiver Randy Moss ranks 4th on the list, and all of his TD’s are receiving and except for one punt return TD.

5. Terrell Owens – 147

Terrell Owens is right behind Randy Moss, but being much older, he will probably never get ahead of him. TO has 144 receiving TD’s and three rushing TD’s in his career.

6. Marcus Allen – 145

Longtime Oakland Raider Marcus Allen had 145 TD’s in his great career with 123 rushings, 21 receiving and 1 TD from a fumble recovery.

7. Marshall Faulk – 136

Marshal Faulk was one of the most versatile players in NFL history as he ran for 100 TD’s and scored another 36 from receiving the football.

8. Chris Carter – 131
NFL History

Chris Carter was a great wide receiver primarily for the Minnesota Vikings in his 16-year career in which he recorded back to back 122 catch seasons. Carter had one fumble recovery for a TD, and the rest were from receiving. Why he is not yet in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a mystery to anybody who watched him play.

9. Marvin Harrison – 128

Longtime Indianapolis Colt great Marvin Harrison had 128 receiving touchdowns in his career, most of them thrown by Peyton Manning.

10. Jim Brown – 126

Jim Brown had 106 rushing TD’s and 20 receiving TD’s in his 9-year football career, all with the Cleveland Browns. Brown only played in 118 games, so he averaged better than one touchdown per game in his great NFL career.

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